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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ruff Update #7, Hopping on the PSVita train ride!

PS Vita doesn't use the XrossMediaBar interface, instead it uses LiveArea.
     Raging Ruff Reviews here, with an update on what's been up and what I plan to have up next. So, I've been trying to write some stuff lately, but I haven't been to inspired as of late.

     Well, hopefully that should change in a bit because we plan on receiving a PS Vita soon! I also purchased Uncharted:Golden Abyss which I'd love to do a review of! It also came with MLB 12 The Show on the system and a free downloadable game!

MLB 12 The Show for PS Vita.
     Now your also probably wondering which type I bought. After a long time searching up data and learning about all three of the types I could purchase I settled on the 300 dollar one. However I also bought it use, so I got it for only 230 dollars! I picked this on because it came with the 8gb stick while the 350 comes with a 4gb and the 250 with nothing. I also received MLB 12 The Show for free and with Uncharted only totaled 270 dollars.

     I also sold my iPhone 4, now yes, I did say I was going to fix it up, but I'm lazy, and I sold it for about 220 dollars. Which it's so low because I know it'll cost like 70 dollars to fix. Also, I wanted it sold quickly lol.

Actual gameplay from Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
     So, that's the big news that I've been using my time with so much, and I really can't wait to show off some of the great stuff the Vita has and really can't wait to see the games that are planing to come to the system. If you want to see more games that are out or coming out to the vita I'll put the video below showcasing a good lineup to come, enjoy!


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