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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! Watchmen, Protecting You From Yourself.

     Watchmen was originally a comic book written by Alan Moore and art done by Dave Gibbons. It was a very popular comic book that was based on the 1980's of America in an alternate reality that drastically was changed around the 30's by a group of people in costumes known as The Watchmen. Then the succeeding team of watchmen decide to carry the name and are known as super heroes throughout the city.  However around 1977 the Hero trend started to become unpopular which rose the idea of outlawing superheroes.

     Which brings us to the story of Watchmen, directed by Zach Snyder who is know for his work on the film 300. The film was well taken by some critics, but also taken aback by it's "R" rating, long run time, and it's different ending from the comic. However the film reviews were mostly positive and well taken.

     So, you might ask why is it today's Hidden-Review? Well, for me I found this film to be a joy among comic book films and superhero films alike. I feel it was skipped by most people who weren't fans of the comic and it's a bit of a shame really. I do believe reading the comic does give a different point of view to look at, but even if you didn't read it, that shouldn't at all hold you back from watching Watchmen.

     Bluntly is one of the more popular reviewer's on YouTube and does an awesome job of explaining Watchmen through the eyes of a fan that can emphasize with both hardcore fans and to new people who are interested in wanting to watch this great film. The sound from his review makes you just want to take the time from your day to check out this film whenever you can! You can also check out his channel here.

     With that, Watchmen has lots of action, production value, good acting, directing, and the whole nine-yards! So I think it deserves everyone's attention and not just comic fans, and that's why it's today's Hidden-Review-of-the-Day!


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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