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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Raging Ruff Reviews' Trigun: Badlands Rumble, the ledgend of Vash and Gasback.

     With a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head, loveable and foolish Vash the Stampede isn't exactly the person you'd think would have any kind of bounty on them, but for anyone who has seen Trigun the anime series, Vash is know quite well for destroying cities and laying waste to everything he goes near. Vash however is the exact opposite of his reputation and instead always seems to try and find the most peaceful option out of anything, which always seems to backfire on Vash.

     20 years after messing with a heist for a notorious bank robber Gasback, Vash starts to head towards Macca City where rumors have risen saying that the notorious robber will appear, causing a surplus of bounty hunters to arrive in order to collect the $$300,000,000 for his head.

     "Trigun: Badlands Rumble" is a love letter to all fans of the original Trigun series and it doesn't disappoint. It's been over 12 years since anything Trigun was released before the film and Vash certainly was a sight for sore eyes. The film is a wonderful piece of artwork staying true to the anime style of Trigun and the voice acting still remaining as good as ever.

     Trigun's setting has always been an interesting one, mixing both sci-fi and western into one and coming out the other end in an awesome way. With the surrounding deserts and sci-fi futuristic weapons mixed with old style western guns, the film bridges what may seem as two completely different genres, quite nicely into one package.

     As I said before Vash is back and so are all his wonderful friends from the series including a few new ones. Both Meryl and Milly make a return as the two insurance company agents following Vash anywhere he goes to make sure his destruction doesn't cost them their jobs. As well as a return of the hardcore priest Wolfwood with his trusty cross-weapon at his side.

Meryl warns Vash to stay out of trouble knowing from the past how it follows him.
     The premiss of the story is well done and can be a little hard to follow because it had been awhile since I last saw the original anime, but once you start to get to the meat of the story the movie starts to click as a whole and really begins to hit on all cylinders from there. The comedy is great and had me laughing throughout the the film and once the action and drama came it kept my attention. A lot of questions are challenged and beliefs are seen in another light that do a good job setting up the story. All this is what has made Trigun such a great anime for all these years and I can definitely say Trigun has stood the test of time!

     "Trigun: Badlands Rumble" is a sight to see after not having Trigun on the scene for over 12 years and if your going in expecting a masterpiece, chances are you might be disappointed, and if you didn't like the original series I don't believe this is going to change your thoughts on Vash the Stampede. However, if your a big Trigun fan or just love action sci-fi anime, then "Trigun: Badlands Rumble" is a solid film that's definitely worth taking a look at if not the whole series of Trigun!

Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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