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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! The Post-Birthday World, I Hope it's Not Kevin's Birthday!

     Raging Ruff Reviews here to day to bring all you readers out there who have finished the Hunger games and want to find something else to read since the sequel films won't be out for awhile!

     "The Post-Birthday World", was written by Lionel Shriver who was also the author of famous books "Double Fault" and "We Need to Talk About Kevin". Which for all you following saw one of Raging Ruff Reviews' Hidden Reviews was on the film adaptation of her book!

     The book in a nut shell follows a women who is faced with a life changing decision and in the book shows what would happen in her life if she were to have chosen one way or the other. The decisions she makes is alternated between chapters. So, your able to see how both decisions end which most of us when we make a decision in life are left to wonder what might have been.

     It's a good concept to set it up, but what really is cool is how Shriver explains both stories. She doesn't just make one choice bad and one end up good. There's no one cut right or wrong choice, both paths the main character takes shows her ups and downs. Sometimes even in both situations she ends up with the same type of solution, it was just all about her own personality!

Lionel Shriver, author of "The Post-Birthday World" and "We Need to Talk About Kevin".
     This way of storytelling makes it seem really and more likeable of a read! Zeavo2 makes a great review on the book getting in more detail then myself so give his review a look see and his channel!


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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