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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! This isn't your Pirates of the Caribbean.

     Have you ever wondered what living in Alaska would feel like? Did you ever think about what you might do if stuck in a freezing cold climate on a boat devoid of life? Yea, I'd want to kill myself too; it's here where games like Cryostasis can let you experience that without putting yourself in danger!

Crazy people you encounter on the ship.
     Well, in Cryostasis you follow meteorologist Alex Nesterov who is investing an old crew who was called the North Wind. As Alex moves from corridor to corridor, you must lead him through the ship to find out what exactly happened to the old crew, and what might exactly happen to him.

     It's a first-person survival-horror game mixed with action-adventure elements. The combat can seem frustrating and stagnant at times, but that's only because Alex isn't a trained fighter. The story and atmosphere is where this game's beauty shines. It's an interesting way to tell a tale. As you move through the ship you find old crew member's who you get to relive their lives through memories and help them survive, to then help you survive.

     Cole Smith does a great review on Cheat Code Central. It's very well explained and shows the pros and cons. He also states that, "It possesses some uniqueness, but it's not perfect and it's not for everyone." (Smith, 1) Which is true, the gameplay is a bit wonky but if your the type of person who loves a good story then you might see the greatness that Cryostasis has to offer!


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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