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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! Toward the Terra, So the Only Way to Save Humanity Is to Give All Powers to Computers?

     "Toward the Terra" is a far future idea of humanity where we have already destroyed ourselves once and in order to stop it from happening again humanity has given all power to a super computer that controls all birth and life in the world. However a threat to the system emerges from the ashes known as "Mu" which are humans born with psychic powers that can resist the powers of the system.

"Toward the Terra" film poster.
     The anime was created in 2007 by Keiko Takemiya and was released only as a manga from 1977-1980 and was released as a movie in 1980 as well. It was hard to tell if the anime was going to be a anything worth seeing, as the manga wasn't very popular, but based on the manga "Toward the Terra" the anime shouldn't be overlooked this time as it's nothing but a joy to watch!

     Shadowmage on "The Nihon Review" explains the great parts of this anime and how it really is a shame as to how unknown "Toward the Terra" really is. It has everything you'd want from a post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime. It has compelling characters and does a good job pacing between the storyline of the main conflict in the world they live in, and the characters themselves. You can check out his review at the link above.

Characters from the 2007 anime.
     Overall, "Toward the Terra" is an absolute joy to watch and after watching a few episodes I'm really surprised to not have noticed this anime sooner. I'm also surprised as to how the manga wasn't very popular either, it's a very different and compelling tale that shouldn't be overlooked. Any of you Battlestar Galactica fans out there who watch anime will love this show too!


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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