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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Limitless Movie Review, so in the end, it's ok to do drugs?

Movie poster art for Limitless.
     Life is hard, and sometimes people just don't have things going their way. They can't seem to stay focused and always end up screwing their lives over, and don't understand why. In Limitless you follow Eddie Morra, a rundown, useless writer trying to get a break, but just can't get anything to go his way. While walking through the streets of New York he runs into his ex brother-in-law, Vernon. He gives him a pill known as "NZT". It's supposed to stimulate the brain causing it to use not just 20%, (which is not true but in the movie that's what they say) but all of it, to use the receptors in the brain that activate specific circuits and make you function like a genius. While on this drug Eddie finds how amazing it is but also, on the way realizes all the trouble he's gotten into and has to find ways out to survive.

Eddie at a bar with his ex brother-in-law.
     Eddie is your everyday guy you root for who, at times is faced with decisions of taking pills or going on with life without the crutch. Some might argue that it's not anything bad, but an increasing of your own abilities. It's all you, NZT just adds the extra punch to get you moving. A good example would be caffeine, it's a very light idea of what NZT is but, it enhances your abilities. In the movie Eddie also describes the feeling as, "It's not like I'm high, or drunk, or wired, but clear!".

Funny NZT promo ad for Limitless.
     While Eddie is climbing the ladders of society, he finishes his book, he travels, learns the piano, and speaks more languages than a dictionary, even fluently, all in about four days. He starts to thrive for the challenge, it's not enough anymore and he decides to try the stock market. It's hear, that Eddie makes a lot of moves that put him in with bad people, and a lot of the problems that he pushes to the side begin to surface once again.

     It becomes an addiction, NZT begins to ruin Eddie's life and the people he loves around him. His only salvation is death, or so he thinks. After the dust settles and Eddie get's back on track, in a round about way, he continues what he does best and ends up with a salvation of his own on the other end of the tunnel.

Eddie and his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish).
     So, really it was an entertaining film that circled around Bradley Cooper's character. It's a fun, interesting tale that shows the possibilities of a man that has the ability to function without sleep. The tension is brought with all the decisions Eddie makes, and Cooper does a great job acting through all the problems Eddie faces. Overall, the cast did a great job and the idea of the story was well done and easy to follow.


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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