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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MoneyBall, You Hired Me to Win.

     The major league baseball organization is one of America's oldest past times and is considered America's game. Now I realize newer sports like American football and basketball have made big impacts on America, none of them have made as big of a step as baseball has. Sure, baseball can be boring sometimes, but that's how all sports are sometimes. However when it comes to baseball, you can always have a good time at a game, even if your team is terrible....most of the time.
     Well, in MoneyBall that's exactly the formula you get out of it. If you're a diehard baseball fan, you'll love this movie. It has everything, trading, drama, comedy, and of course baseball! It does though have enough focus on the main character, Billy Beane, in order for people who aren't so obsessed with sports to connect to the film too.
Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) walking into the office of Oakland A's.
         Billy is the General Manager for the Oakland A's. He's pretty much the boss and only answers to the owner. So, the situation is that all they're good player are going to free agency, which is like a market for baseball players, and they need to find replacements with their super low salary cap. So, you follow Billy Beane's trials and tribulations and he meets up with Jonah Hill's character, Peter Brand, a college grad right out of school who graduated from Yale and it's his first job in baseball, and his first job ever. So, to sum it up the two meet and decide to create a system to change the game of baseball and the way it's played forever.

Billy Beane and Peter Brand at practice.

     MoneyBall was an enjoyable experience with moments of me laughing, smiling, and even on the edge of my seat. Both Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill do fantastic jobs acting in roles that you don't get to see them in often. If you want a film that shows it takes balls to get 
things done then MoneyBall might just be right up your alley! 

Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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