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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! Cthulu "Saves" The World.

Main Cover Art for the game.
      Hey guys it's day light savings time, so I'm up extra early! The hidden-Review-of-the-Day is a Cthulhu Saves the World! It may look old but for any retro or rpg fan your bound to have fun, and for a price tag of only about three dollars, what have you got to lose really?

The game is played in 720p HD.

     The story follows the mighty Cthulhu, after centuries asleep under the sea, rises once more to destroy the Earth. Except he’s instantly zapped by a wizard, who removes all his powers. The only way to get them back, he learns from listening to the game’s narrator, is to become a true hero.

Cthulhu is played in a turned-based battle system.
     The fighting resembles that of final fantasy with turned based action adventure. Not, only is the gameplay addicting, but the dialog alone might just be worth the trip. It's funny, creative, and can down right genius sometimes!

     So, with the wonderful price tag that this game has and the fact it's only around a 6-7 hour journey, this might be a game you'll be talking about many times over after you beat it!

     Classic Game Room, is a classic and current game reviewing company that now mainly post their reviews on YouTube. They are a great company and also tend to only good games so you can usually expect fun out of anything they review!


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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