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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! American Psycho, a perfect example of that duchebag you ran into last week's future.

     Have you ever bumped into or had to deal with a guy who just has something up their ass and has to act like a douche all the time! If you not sure, some easy sins of this person would be, excessive makeup, all about looks and tanning, and has the biggest ego in a 300 mile radius. If so, then watch "American Psycho" and never go near them again, no but seriously this movie is a perfect example as to somebody taking their personality way to far, which is what makes it so great to watch!

     In "American Psycho" Christian Bale plays as wealthy Wall Street business man Patrick Bateman, who is your ideal yuppie, and ideal serial killer. That's what make this film so awesome is the mix between the comedy and the horror, the switching from laughing at Bateman when things don't go his way to the grotesqueness of his murders.

     The great acting by Christian Bale really makes the role of Patrick suit him perfectly. Originally Leonardo DiCaprio was mentioned to play the lead but once the director was changed Christian was chosen and I think this was great not only for the film, but to show the superb acting abilities of Bale for his future success as an actor.
Can't help but laugh with that face!
     Roger Ebert gave the film a three out of four stars and mentioned how well the film is portrayed and the message it shows is something that hasn't really been seen in films. He also praises Bale's performance and really just explains all the great stuff about "American Psycho".

     "American Psycho" was a very underrated film and enjoyable for any thrasher fan out there. Also the humor is great resembling and making fun of the consumer-driven, image-obsessed people of the 80's, as long as your stomach can handle the gore and intense images of the film. After all, it still is a horror film.
"Your wearing a raincoat!" "Yes I Am!".

Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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