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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! Is Skytone "Shining Over You"?

     Time for a very unknown band! Today's Hidden-Review is definitely something you'll be glad you found as much as I was once I fell upon these guys!

Skytone's album cover for "Shining Over You".
     Skytone are a couple of guys who have a good mix of soul and 70's feel too them, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's nothing but hippie peace music. It's got a groovy melody and can really get you pretty pumped!

     In their album "Shining Over You" they're all their creations and a great set of songs that can be enjoyed from start to finish. The second you hear their music you'll be asking your self if where the heck these guys been! At least that's what I was asking myself!

     So, seeing as how hard it was to find Skytone was, finding a good review on it was twice as hard as well! But, I did find an individual (Gray Owl Point) that did a good run down on a few of their songs and explains the sound they represent in their music too. It's a good review and gives you a little bit of what kind of music they bring to the table. Of course though the best way to see if you like it is to hear it!

This is their cover of Coldplay's, "Don't Panic", watch and be amazed!

     With that, the link to Gray Owl Point's review is here and a link to Skytone's Album on iTunes can be reached here.


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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