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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Raging Ruff Reviews' Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception!

     "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" is the third game in the popular PlayStation 3 console. It was developed by the previous developers behind the first two games (Naughty Dog) and they are also know for creating other popular series such as "Jack and Dexter" and "Crash Bandicoot". Their reputation has perceived them and has brought them to the final chapter of adventurous Drake's final chapter.

     I'd like to mention first that in this Raging Ruff Review I have decided not to concentrate on the story, but to briefly state a summary of the series, so as to not cause spoilers. I also don't plan to talk about the multiplayer as I did not get to experience it, however I'm sure if it's anything like the campaign, it's probably good as well.

Shows an example of Uncharted 1 vs 2 graphically.
     With Drake, comes another spectacular adventure through desert wastelands, sinking cruise ships, and engrossing jungles. Uncharted really is a sight that can only be experienced first hand. The visuals are spectacular and are exactly as you would expect in a high quality game series like this. The characters, both old and new all have a great feel and do their part in their respective roles. Their facial expressions alone, including Drake especially, will make your moth drop in awe as you gaze into your screen waiting for the next wave to come by a swoop your eyes away.

     Sounds are spot on with the animals surrounding, desert winds whooshing by, and nameless chatter of enemies are overheard. Really, its hear that semesters you into the "show" that Uncharted's cast has to offer. The voice acting is also perfect with returning actors for Drake and his other pals from previous encounters. It brings each and every character to life, and gives you a feeling that these people are real and definitely is a big part into making you care about everyone's fate. Only problem I ran into "sound wise" was that it would cut out, don't know why, but after a few minutes it was right back on.

The environments are beautiful and vary often.
     If you've played Uncharted, then you know that it's your basic pop and shoot cover based third-person shooter, but done right. I say that because for some reason other companies always try to change the system or tweak it and it always seems to go bad. Naughty Dog though feels much like gears of war, it can be a little shaky at first, but the controls become much smoother after an hour or two of playing. It's tight, quick, and fun to land head shots!

Some environments also can have breakable cover and the AI is very smart!
     The second part of Uncharted's gameplay is it's platforming. With Naughty Dog's previous installments of Uncharted and it's Jack and Dexter series, the platforming is nothing but top notch. Their is the occasional period when I did not know where I should go but the checkpoint system was usually well placed and allowed me to guess and choose where I could go and wasn't to huge of a deal.

A simple puzzle that anyone with eyes can figure out.
     The final part that makes up Uncharted's gameplay is it's puzzles. This I have to admit was probably Uncharted 3's weakest aspect. I found most of them to either be too easy or just too quick. Not too many stood out and I felt like I didn't get a lot of time to spend solving mysterious like I'd felt in the previous installments. They weren't awful, I just kind of felt they might have been thrown in their to go with the scene and not so much to really learn anything new.

     Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is a must play game, in fact I think this is a must "see" game for everyone! Even if your not into Video Games, Uncharted can be watched and enjoyed by all families alike. It really is a breakthrough of its time and a wonderful step in the right direction for not only Naughty Dog and PlayStation, but the gaming business as a whole! If anything, the story of Drake and his adventurers are a shining example of a game that should be experienced by everyone, Indiana Jones would be proud.


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