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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hidden-Review-of-the-Day! Dustforce, Killing Dust Bunnies One at a Time.

     Hello guys, it's Raging Ruff hear with another of today's Hidden-Reviews! Today is another indie 2D game this time developed by Hitbox Team, called "Dustforce". Highly influenced by games like "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Devil May Cry", it's a fast paced action game that can really put your gaming skills to the test!

     In "Dustforce" your objective is to clean each stage in a quickly and timely manor from all sorts of different types of dirt, grime, leaves, and other dirty monsters and creatures! Again, being heavily focused on speed and precision makes "Dustforce" difficult to master, but once you get it down, the rush of flowing through levels starts to take over!

Main acrobatic janitors that you can play as in "Dustforce".
     Ozzie Mejia on Shack News has his review up about "Dustforce" and explains the strengths and weaknesses of the game. He says, "Those that get easily frustrated may want to steer clear. Gamers looking for a legitimate challenge and some new leaderboards to frequent, though, will feel right at home with Dustforce.". So, clearly it's not easy, but still you can't die you only lose your combo, which allows for anyone to be able to still enjoy such a great game like "Dustforce"!

     One thing I wish Ozzie could have mentioned about more was the art style of this game. It's just fun to watch all the animations and colors fly around. Also the variations of the locations and enemies are very cool and well done. This is an amazingly creative and well drawn 2D side-scroller that shouldn't be missed out on! Also, the soundtrack itself is worth playing this game, no joke!


Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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