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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saints Row: The Third, The Third Street Who?

The Third Street Who?
A Review of Saints Row: The Third

My Character on top of her helipad on her crib.
     I remember back in 2006 when the Xbox 360 was young, and there was no GTA for it. So, what could a gamer do? Well, ladies and gentlemen that's where the Saints came marching in. While the first was a big success, mainly being known for its over the top shenanigans and the ability for the player to do anything they wanted in the town of Stillwater, the series still had to compete with big names like GTA and other open world video-games as the series decided to continue. 

The player's phone is the access to the world...just like real phones!

     With the success of Saints Row the development team, Violation Inc., decided to continue the fun and bring Saints Row 2 into the mix in 2008. Continuing with the formula brought by Saints Row,  Violation again made a smash hit in the sequel, Saints Row 2, while at the same time moving bit by bit away from just being known as a GTA copy.

Cut-scenes also include your character talking and interacting with other characters!
     It's 2011, people are freaking out about 2012, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is completely sold out in every store, and Saints Row 3, also known as Saints Row: The Third, finally hits shelves! The lines are busy and so are gamers triggers for the mayhem that awaits them on the new city controlled by the syndicate known as Steelport.
In Saints, you're given choices that determine what benefits you want more.

     At the start of the game you are setup with your gang demolished and having to start from square one and bring you and the Saints back to glory. In my run through, I decided to be a chick who knew how to kick ass and lead her gang to victory on the streets.

     After creating my character, you get sent on missions by your fellow teammates and are set to get a new crew together. So at the start you are placed in a pretty solid story to follow. However, in Saints Row, the city is yours to feel your wrath! So, instead I decide to walk around blowing off some steam on people before I choose to follow the main story. 
Character customization is a big part of Saints and is very creative!

     While finishing up a few of the main missions, I start to see some of the better side quest, like pimping hoes, covering for drug deals, and blowing shit up and causing mayhem with tanks! Also through all this chaos and fun I see how quickly I began to level up and how engaging the ranking system really is!

     As you grow your empire the cash you bring in can be used for many things ranging from pimping cars out, upgrading weapons, tricking out your gang and pad, and leveling up your characters stats and other abilities! The list goes on from there, so long, that really the only way to see the amount of content in this game is to experience it!

The Guns alone are even a trip to experience! Go Land Sharks!
     The fun involved in Saints Row: The Third does nothing but surpass its predecessors and goes beyond insane. It's definitely worth any body's time who just wants to have a good laugh. The game simply screams crazy and balls-out! The time you spend on Saints Row will not only be memorable, but unforgettable. That's what you are Saints, unforgettable. 

Alton W. Ruff, Main Contributor

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